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Adderall - What does the salts part of amphetamine salts mean?

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6 May 2011

Salts is just part of the name which is generic adderall and listed in wikipedia with all the ingredients that make up amphetamine salts and they are too long and unusual for me to spell out for you but there for the looking... sorry I cant paste it as I'm using my phone and not schooled on that yet. It looks like there is also a video on you tube under the name amphetamine salts. I hope this helps as I noticed no one else tried to help you. :)

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mkendall 16 May 2013

Thank you doglover44. Hey that's a pretty cool user name. I appreciate your help. I have been taking adderall for the past 1-1/2 yrs 30mg cap. However they aren't working for my with my concentration level anymore & am supposed to stay away from salts because of htn, edema, past history of heart problems, etc. That is why I asked because my Dr. never said anything about it having salts in it. Thank you for taking your time to anwer me. Take care.

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