My gallbladder was removed. Can I take orlistat?

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17 Nov 2010

For some people this may be a problem that requires special monitoring or may exclude the use of orlistat. You should check with your doctor first.

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19 Nov 2010

You will need to use it under caution and doctor supervision. It can cause some GI problems such as gas with discharge, fecal incontinence, increased defication and urgency. This also reduces the absorption of fat-soluable vitamins and beta-carotene. If a meal contains no fat the dose can be omitted with docors o.k. A supplemental vitamin containing vitamins D, E, K, and beta-carotene should be taken daily at least 2 hours before or after Orlistat dose. Psyllium 6g with each dose or 12g at bedtime may decrease GI side effects. Taking Orlistat with a meal high in fat may increase the GI side effects. Oil in BM may be clear or have an orange or brown colorations. GI side effects may dissapear in about 6 months or so. Don't take if you become pregnant. Hope this info helps some, good luck, marjorie zych

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