My doctor switched me from 20mg of lexapro to 225mg of venlafaxine. Scared she started me too high?

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18 Jun 2009

JMC, that sounds high but it is the highest doseage recommended. I'm guessing that you're taking it 3x a day, right?

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sweettthing 13 May 2010

YES THAT IS WAY TOO HIGH!!! You can have SERIOUS reactions if you increase or DECREASE this medication too quickly. I have been on and off this medications for years. I stopped taking it only because I lost insurance that covered it and had to find other ways to pay for it. IT IS A FANTASTIC DRUG, I LOVE IT, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL WITH IT. Usually it is started at 37.5 miligrams once a day for a week, then twice a day for another week, and then 3 times etc. until the proper dose is reached... this is called titrating. I'm not a doctor, but I've had 3 different doctors prescribe it basically the same way, but everyone is different. If your gonna have a problem with this drug you will usually find out with in first few months... when given at the above dosing schedule, but it might not be until the 3rd month that you have a problem which is why the dosing is started the way it is. Good look, hope it works as good for you as it does for me <3

ooey 27 Sep 2010

This drug is the devils own! I've been on it for only 3 weeks to treat depression from citelopram (which only made me sleepy past 30mg).
The first week (on 75mg) was ok. When i ramped it up to 140mg as perscribed, I thought I was going to die. Most of the serious side effects of Venlafaxine happened from week 3 (esp headaches). I dont know what this says about me!

I have now discontinued and am awaiting a drs apt in 3 days.

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