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My doctor prescribed me (tramadol and oxycodone)is that safe?

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31 Dec 2011

It is safe from the standpoint that there are no interactions between these two medicines. Just be sure to take only as directed and be aware that both of these medicines the body becomes dependent upon and you will have to taper off slowly when that time comes so to avoid withdrawals.

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ashlon 31 Dec 2011



31 Dec 2011

My friend Laurie is right, but my new Arthristis today magazine warns of the use of Tramodol, & I am giving you a link to read. This is a very addicting drug & & even know you may not understand all you read, please read carefully, all that is given in this article. Best of luck to you...

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Anonymous 31 Dec 2011

Mary could you post the link?thanx,c

Anonymous 31 Dec 2011

I'm so sorry, here it is;
Mary... 632009

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