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My aunt takes 1000mg of vit d is it safe for her to keeptaking the vit d along with hectorol?

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23 Oct 2009

The Hectorol is Vit. D. But it does not go through the kidneys. 1,000 mg. of regular vit. D usually goes through the Kidneys. Now I take 50,000 units of Vit D. as perscribed by my doctor. Mine goes through the Kidneys.
Sounds like to me that if your aunt is along in her years. He wanted to be protective of her Kidneys, but yet wanted some Vit D to be filtered through the Kidneys. Interesting, but this does make sense. Your doctor will run tests on your Aunt to see if she has the right amount in her system.
If it was me I would touch basis with her physician and make sure this is what he/she wanted. Better safe than sorry.
I know your Aunt is so proud you have stepped up to the mark to keep an eye on her medical care. There is allot of bad medical care out there. but with people like you, the good will over step the bad.

BTW: Many doctors are starting to check Vit. D as they are finding out many of their patients are very low on it.

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cinshomaker 23 Oct 2009

thanks you so much for getting back with me. i do feel better now. have a great weekend

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