Morphine IR - What does the IR stand for in Morphine Sulphate IR?

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27 Aug 2010

I believe the IR should stand for "instant" (or immediate) release.

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CaptCastle 30 Aug 2010

Thank you for your answer. That's what I was thinking.

27 Aug 2010

Yeah the other posters right. If you see e.r,it's extended relief.

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CaptCastle 30 Aug 2010

Thanks for the info...

7 Nov 2011

The first answer was correct:

IR = Instant release. Drug will take effect from 5-30 minutes after ingestion and it will stay effective for 2-6 hours.
ER/SR = Extended or Sustained Release. Drug will take effect from 15-60 minutes after ingestion and it will stay effective for anywhere from 4-12 hours from ingestion.

Breaking/cutting/crushing an IR tablet can make it take effect faster, but possibly shorten (slightly) how long it is effective.

One should NEVER break/cut/crush an SR tablet as they will get a MUCH higher dose than is on the label. It WILL take effect faster, however it will NOT last nearly as long.

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