Now this is kind of a wierd question, but I really need some advice kinda asap if possible. I recently did some oxycontin while I was in a methadone clinic program. Now that is bad enough as it is, but I went on my first and hopefully only binge for a while now, but kinda worried of consequences of a little partying I shouldn't have done. Now I have semi random drug tests, I don't know how far they are spread apart, but they seam to be about once a month almost every thirty days. I have been taking fake pee in with me to give if they test me, but just realised that the pee I have been taking with me doesnt have methadone in it for when it is tested. I have just started to be able to have takehomes, for a 7-10 at a time, but was wondering if anyone knew what the clinic tests for. I was figuring since it is a methadone clinic, they probably test for methadone. I was also wondering if I could somehow spike the fake pee with methadone somehow. I have read that oxy can stay in system for up to 4 days or less, but I am not 100 percent sure on that either. I have also read that my urine that I have saved in the fridge is pretty pointless as well. It has clean, methadone only urine in it. Now I know methadone clinics aren't about beating the system, and I don't want to take oxys anymore and probably won't, but I also can't really afford to have my take home priveleges taken away either. If anyone could help, I would be more than appreciated. I think I may have to take a drug test tomorrow when I go in to get take homes. I had to go to talk with doctor today, and do the group and thought I would have to take a urine test today, got lucky in a sense and didn't. Somebody please help if you can.