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I'm 67, and have been an RN for over 40 yrs. I've just retired. I have had fibromyalgia since I was a child, along with chronic myofascial pain. I like to answer questions and learn about how others... read more

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Alergic to codine can I take tramadol?

Question asked 36 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: tramadol, codeine, allergic reactions

kaismama's answer: They aren't related. That's not saying you wouldn't be allergic to it, that's just saying you wouldn't be allergic to it just because you're allergic to codeine.

I have had the mirena for two years and I'm now have a heavy period. Anything to be worried about?

Question asked 1 hour 4 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: mirena, sex, period

kaismama's answer: I wouldn't worry about bleeding but the fact that he feels it makes me wonder. Have you checked placement?

Is there anything to take with Dilaudid when it's not working?

Question asked 2 hours 22 minutes ago 2 answers

Support groups: dilaudid, pain, surgery, shoulder

kaismama's answer: I agree. Dilaudid is a very strong drug and I wouldn't recommend anything taken with it without his dr weighing in on it.

Trying to come off norco, and 21 weeks pregnant :/?

Question asked 2 hours 21 minutes ago 2 answers

Support groups: norco, pregnancy

kaismama's response: One thing, sometimes its better not come off it when you're pregnant, it puts the baby thru withdrawal too. You should talk to your gynecologist before you change anything. Maybe just try to keep it down to 4 or 5 a day until you see him.

Is it possible to take 100mg only for one day sex?

Question asked 2 hours 2 minutes ago 2 answers

Support groups: viagra, sex

kaismama's answer: The max recommended dose is 100 mg. If that doesn't work, then you may have to try something else.

Is Magnesium Oxide 500 mg daily reccomended for a newly diagnosed A-Fib Patient?

Question asked 1 hour 56 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: magnesium oxide, atrial fibrillation, diagnosis

kaismama's answer: I wouldn't add anything right now without talking to your dr. You're just getting things controlled.

Can I take 25mg Atenolol today & transition to 2.5mg Bystolic tmrw?

Question asked 1 hour 49 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: bystolic, atenolol, high blood pressure, hypertension, ventricular tachycardia

kaismama's answer: Yes, you can do that.

Could I be pregnant?

Question asked 3 hours 36 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: birth control, pregnancy, sex, unprotected sex, birth control pills, pill

kaismama's response: How did you forget four pills? Another girl did the same thing a few days ago. Why would you stop the pills now? Did you start with day one on wednesday? If not then you'll have to take those 4 pills at the end of the active pills. You should use a ...

Can you have blood drawn safely when taking pradaxa?

Question asked 3 hours 56 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: pradaxa, blood

kaismama's answer: Yes but be sure the tech knows you are on it. She may have to put a pressure dressing over the insertion site.

Capzasin Back and Body - Is this medication safe to take with Nacl & grade 2 verices?

Question asked 6 hours ago 1 answer

Support groups: capzasin, capzasin back and body, cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis, insulin, beta blocker, medication, liver, diabetic nerve damage, ...

kaismama's comment: My holdup is there is nothing specifically back and body. The brand is called capzasin.. I don't go near capsaicin, it burns my skin something awuf.

Is 10mg Flexeril or 4mg Zanaflex more effective for chronic pain?

Question asked 4 hours 26 minutes ago 2 answers

Support groups: flexeril, zanaflex, pain, chronic pain, chronic

kaismama's answer: I would have to say flexeril is better, except for the fact that it puts me to sleep.

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