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I'm 66, and have been an RN for over 40 yrs. I've just retired. I have had fibromyalgia since I was a child, along with chronic myofascial pain. I like to answer questions and learn about how others... read more

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Pentothal - What are the side effects of someone who was placed in a coma in order to put them on a?

Question asked 2 hours 27 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: pentothal, side effect, coma, hospital

kaismama's answer: Yes it is. And just the trauma to the body is enough to cause some confusion. If he is elderly this effect is amplified.

Am I taking too high a dose of wellbutrin sr?

Question asked 2 hours 40 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: wellbutrin, wellbutrin sr, zoloft, generic, tapering, dosage

kaismama's response: I suspect that this effect will go away as soon as you're used to the increase. I can see tho where it would disturb you with little kids to take care of.

Keppra - My wife was diagnosed with simple partial seizure in May 2014?

Question asked 2 hours 40 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: keppra, seizures, side effect, doctor, seizure, diagnosis

kaismama's response: There are other seizure meds if keppra alone is helping. Her neurologist needs to be made aware of the seizures and he'll probably order something. There is still room in the keppra dosage to increase. But let the dr know the seizures got worse with ...

Two fifteen day Norco Prescriptions in one month allowed?

Question asked 2 hours 57 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: norco, pain, doctor, prescription, burning, tablet, back pain

kaismama's response: As long as you wait until the first one is up, as in 15 days, you should be ok.

Will Medica Choice Care Cover Januvia ?

Question asked 2 hours 51 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: januvia, diabetes, type 2

kaismama's answer: If they do unless its a great insurance, the copay will be high. You have to call the number on the back of your card to find out if its paid and exactly what your copay would be.

Need help understanding my Dr results. Left extra foraminal disc L3/L4 Sacroilac Joint dysfuction?

Question asked 4 hours 24 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: chronic, disease, spine

kaismama's response: You've got a disk out of place in your lower back. There is some pinching in the spine in that area. Basically the disc slipped and the vertabrae are pinching on the opening. The nerves run through there. There are things that help, I find using a ...

Two weeks ago took plan b after unprotected sex 3 days before my period now and no symptoms???

Question asked 6 hours ago 1 answer

Support groups: plan b, pregnancy, oppositional defiant disorder, sex, period, unprotected sex, symptom

kaismama's comment: Its probably side effects from the plan B

What is the pharmacutical company that makes Soliris?

Question asked 5 hours ago 2 answers

Support groups: soliris, medication

kaismama's comment: I've worked with these types of programs and very expensive medications can be gotten relatively cheap.

Osteosarcoma - Can osteo sarcoma spread to hand currently have in shoudler?

Question asked 4 hours 57 minutes ago 1 answer

Support groups: cancer, osteosarcoma, swelling, male, sarcoma, shoulder

kaismama's answer: It can spread anywhere, is all he's getting herbs? Is he seeing an oncologist?

Hi my sister had a really bad pain in her head and she says that it`s her brain hurts,what is this?

Question asked 4 hours 3 minutes ago 2 answers

Support groups: pain, shakes, blood pressure, brain, blood, pressure

kaismama's response: I agree, she should not be letting this go.

How long do eggs drop off of cat after applying?

Question asked 3 hours 36 minutes ago 1 answer

kaismama's answer: If you're talking about fleas, those eggs are too small to see. Is her skin dry?

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