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CVS pharmacy says 500mg Depakote ER currently unavailable. Is this true?

Question asked 4 days ago 2 answers

Support groups: depakote, depakote er, pharmacy

DemoninDC's answer: There is no shortage of this drug in brand or generic. CVS pharmacist must be lazy. There should not be an issue with giving you 2-250 instead of a 500 pill if he has them on hand. Can you try another CVS or their long term division?

The ENT yesterday used silver nitrate up my daughters nose for bloody noses.he said it works better?

Question asked 8 days ago 2 answers

Support groups: silver nitrate, blood disorders, silver, nose

DemoninDC's answer: ENT's use silver nitrate every day. How many times has your daughter had a bloody nose? Did he say why she had the bloody nose? Are you seeing a hematologist?

Coumadin - HELP!!! I'm newly diagnosed with DVT/PE due to after liver resection surgery this past?

Question asked 16 days ago 4 answers

Support groups: coumadin, surgery, deep vein thrombosis (dvt), liver, diagnosis

DemoninDC's response: What is your issue with Lovenox? Is it just that it is an injection and you don't like injecting yourself or are you having to do it twice a day? What has your doctor told you about Xarelto or Eliquis? Have you told your doctor about how you are ...

What happened to pricing comparisons from different pharmacies?

Question asked 9 days ago 3 answers

Support groups: pharmacy

DemoninDC's answer: Not sure why you can't price compare? Are you saying the pharmacies will not tell you a price when you call them. You can download an app on your phone called GoodRx and input all the information & it will tell you the best price in your area. You ...

Can you pls adv if you have discontinued BUTALBITAL,ACETAMINOPHEN AND CAFFEINE,UPS?

Question asked 22 Jul 2013 6 answers

Support groups: migraine, acetaminophen, butalbital, caffeine, discontinued

DemoninDC's answer: Nothing has replaced it. You need to find a new pharmacy or tell your existing pharmacy to get a new supplier. The amount of acetaminophen in Fiorcet is FDA's favorite amount of 325mg so there is no modification necessary by the manufacturer and no ...

Will medicare or medicade pay for my prescription nucynta 50 mg?

Question asked 6 May 2014 3 answers

Support groups: nucynta, prescription, medicare

DemoninDC's answer: Medicare will not pay for any drugs. The only way that medication is paid for is if you purchased a Part C or Part D plan. Each company has different level plans that may or may not include this drug. It is up to your state if they will cover the ...

Denamarin tablets for dogs?

Question asked 27 Jun 2014 3 answers

Support groups: weight, vet, tablet

DemoninDC's answer: Denamarin is used to protect the liver. The blood work results probably showed elevated levels in the liver. It is also used when treating your dog during chemotherapy.

What could cause slow clotting, low protein, back pain, petichiae, and excessively bleeding gums?

Question asked 24 Jun 2014 2 answers

Support groups: pain, back pain, bleeding, bleeding gums, cancer

DemoninDC's response: You need to see a hematologist right away. They will run more detailed blood tests, between 15-30 tests, that your GP/Internist very rarely deals with. Don't guess and try to diagnose yourself, let the hematologist do that for you. A lot of ...

My partner is taking 15 mg warfarin a day and will have to for life, he's 34 yrs old and suffers?

Question asked 24 Jun 2014 2 answers

Support groups: warfarin, hay fever, antihistamine

DemoninDC's answer: Another option is for your partner to talk to your hematologist about switching to Arixtra, Lovenox, Xarelto, or Eliquis. You should not have this problem when using one of these drugs and you will not have to do any testing.


Question asked 15 Jun 2014 2 answers

Support groups: levothyroxine, tongue, thyroid, pill

DemoninDC's answer: The answer for the drug that you are taking is No. Sublingual use of thyroid medications is always related to natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) drugs like Armour, Nature-Throid or Erfa thyroid. That is because these drugs include the thyroid ...

Can I take barley tea while on Coumadin?

Question asked 16 Jun 2014 1 answer

Support groups: coumadin, barley

DemoninDC's answer: Barley is a dietary supplements that may decrease the absorption of warfarin. The only way to know if you are drinking enough barley tea to effect your levels would be to test your INR levels every 3 to 5 days while maintaining a consistent ...

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