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Is 20 mg. safe?

Question asked 26 Aug 2010 2 answers

Support groups: ambien, xanax, insomnia, alprazolam, dosage, anxiety

dobbiemom's answer: It will be fine. I take 2 -12.5 mg ambien xr. Worked well for 7 years. I am now tapering off of it. It will work and it is safe BUT remember you WILL want off of it sometime and the higher the dose the longer the taper will have to be.

What happens if you accidentally take two 12.5 mg ambien CR tablets. I almost did that one night?

Question asked 9 Oct 2010 3 answers

Support groups: ambien, ambien cr

dobbiemom's answer: The doctor has prescribed me this dose for over 7 years. Medco fills it (after a pre-auth). I would NOT take the dose on purpose without the doctor knowing but if you have been taking the 12.5 for a while 2 will not bother you too much. Remember the ...

Has anyone experienced sleepless nights while taking the Generic brand of Ambein?

Question asked 25 Mar 2011 4 answers

Support groups: ambien, generic, insomnia, zolpidem

dobbiemom's response: I have taken Ambien for 7 years (2-12.5mg pills dr prescribed it) I too switched (well insurance switched me) to the generic cr. It was AWFUL!! I use generics and I loved the fact that I could save some money. I could not sleep and the few hours I ...

How to safely withdraw from 10 mg ambien every night for 2 years?

Question asked 19 Aug 2010 1 answer

Support groups: ambien

dobbiemom's answer: I am in the middle of doing this with a 25mg dose (dr prescribed it!!) First, get your doctor's help. Tell him you want off. Next, the doctor will most likely prescribe you a longer acting benzo drug (such as xanax xr or valium). He will most likely ...

Just started Ambien (generic, 10mg) and I STILL can't sleep. I'm following the directions. Help!?

Question asked 29 Apr 2011 1 answer

Support groups: ambien, sleep disorders, sleep, generic, insomnia

dobbiemom's answer: I take ambien nightly and was switched to the generic recently and it did not work!! I love generics but this one seems to be a dud. Ask for the real thing.

I've been hooked on ambien for about 5 yrs now. How can I wean off of it and sleep like a normal?

Question asked 31 Mar 2011 2 answers

Support groups: ambien, sleep disorders, sleep

dobbiemom's answer: I have been on Ambien cr for 7 years (2-12.5mg pills dr prescribed it) I want off of it also. My doctor is helping ( NOT the one who put me on this high dose!!). You may not like my answer, as I did not like it at first. The best way to get off of ...

Is there anything that negates the effects of Ambien?

Question asked 4 Apr 2011 1 answer

Support groups: ambien

dobbiemom's answer: I have been on Ambien Cr (2- 12.5mg pills so a hefty dose, Dr. prescribed it) for 7 years. I can say 2 things. First, food will make Ambien less effective. Take it on an empty stomach or with a LIGHT snack. Second (and this may not be true for you) ...