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Middle aged woman who is bipolar and suffers mostly from depression. Have dealt with chronic pain for years. I have been on many medications for pain, depression, mood swings and anxiety. I use... read more

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Can I loose my job due to mental illness?

Question asked 8 hours ago 1 answer

Support groups: depression, diagnosis

LaurieShay's answer: You can lose your job from not showing up, but not for mental illness. I suggest you seek medical attention as soon as possible. There are medications that can help you to overcome your issues. I, also, recommend talk therapy to learn appropriate ...

Recommendation for anti-depressant / anti-anxiety...tried so many!?

Question asked 13 hours ago 2 answers

Support groups: lexapro, anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, antidepressant, depression

LaurieShay's response: I can recommend either Celexa which is in the same class as Lexapro and Zoloft or Cymbalta or Pristiq which are in the same class as Effexor. I take Pristiq for depression and anxiety. It has been very effective. It is an improved version of Effexor ...

Remeron not working?

Question asked 2 days 4 hours ago 3 answers

Support groups: remeron, depression, insomnia, major depressive disorder, antidepressant

LaurieShay's response: Hang in there, Suzybelle. The stressors in your life are triggers for mental illness. The right medication(s) and therapy will be very helpful. I pray the new doctor helps you with both.

Switch from welbutrin sr 75MG DAILY to cymbalta?

Question asked 4 days ago 2 answers

Support groups: cymbalta, wellbutrin, major depressive disorder

LaurieShay's answer: no need to switch. I've been on both at same time with great success.

I've been taking Prozac for nearly 2 weeks. I'm very bloated. Does this subside?

Question asked 5 days ago 2 answers

Support groups: prozac, anxiety and stress, depression

LaurieShay's answer: you maybe constipated or the opposite, diarrhea, when first starting an antidepressant. increase you water consumption and this will get better. takes the body a little while to adjust. give it time, if not better in a week or two consult physician.

I take Klonopin 1mg three times a day. Sometimes I still get anxious and get muscle spasms?

Question asked 7 days ago 3 answers

Support groups: ativan, klonopin, valium, muscle spasm, muscle, anxiety

LaurieShay's answer: You may want to consider adding an antidepressant to your medication regimen. There are many such as Zoloft that help with anxiety. With the anxiety under control you will most likely need less Klonopin and may find the spasms go away.

Infrequent user of Klonopin, can I get withdrawal?

Question asked 8 days ago 1 answer

Support groups: klonopin, withdrawal

LaurieShay's response: Yes, it is possible to have rebound anxiety when not taking Klonopin regularly. It is a long acting med meaning it stays in the body for many days after taking. If you want off, best to decrease by half for at least a week then half again for a week ...

I just started on 10mg methylphenidate 2 times a day. I feel great when I first take it but as it?

Question asked 8 days ago 1 answer

Support groups: methylphenidate, depression

LaurieShay's answer: you really need to discuss this with the prescribing doctor. not likely to be something that is going to go away with methylphenidate.

Depression - I have bipolar1/manic depressive. The doc has me on saphris for bipolar and recently?

Question asked 14 Apr 2014 2 answers

Support groups: cymbalta, depression, bipolar disorder, saphris, major depressive disorder

LaurieShay's comment: Wonderful to hear you are doing better :)

I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.I've been on every kind of depressions meds?

Question asked 9 days ago 6 answers

Support groups: wellbutrin xl, depression, bipolar disorder, disorder, dosage, diagnosis, hospital, major depressive disorder, ...

LaurieShay's response: I too am bipolar and I can honestlly say once you find the right medication(s) it really is going to be ok. Not to make light of the diagnosis, but I can think of worse things to have. With the right meds and therapy to learn coping skills, I lead a ...

I have been prescribed effexor xl in the past for depression and anxiety I also take lexapro?

Question asked 11 days ago 1 answer

Support groups: effexor, lexapro, depression, anxiety, dosage, prescription

LaurieShay's comment: Might want to ask the doctor about serotonin syndrome before any increases in Effexor.

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