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My meds are stopping me from eating. I haven't been hungry in two weeks, any advice?

Question asked 20 Nov 2011 27 answers

Support groups: cream

Psychmajor's response: SEE A NUTRITIONIST/physical trainer... M.S. a tricky disease that I dont know too much about (immune cells aren't supposed to be in the brain --see blood brain barrier-- and in M.S. they are somehow trapped in the brain and attack the mylin sheath ...

What does the [3H] in [3H]-imipramine stands for? Why is the imipramine labelled with [3H] rather?

Question asked 8 Oct 2010 3 answers

Support groups: sta-d, imipramine

Psychmajor's answer: as far as I can tell 3H is a hydrogen isotope. Its Tritium which is a radioactive tracer and is a great way to find out how much of chemical X is in brain area Y. Ran across this looking for [3H]Dopamine in the striatum while taking Modafinil ...

I had to sign an pain management agreement with my PCP... is this normal?

Question asked 13 Feb 2010 60 answers

Support groups: pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica

Psychmajor's comment: they found that addiction is a mental thing by watching which parts of the brain light up. -When an addict would talk about the drug of choice dopamine would be released confirming that you physically feel better by thinking about the drug. -your ...

Is there a medication that helps with social anxiety?

Question asked 8 Jun 2010 7 answers

Support groups: social anxiety disorder

Psychmajor's comment: i didnt take any offence to it but you are right a medication was asked for so im not really answering the question till the end :) andddddddd talk to a therapist who uses cognitive behavioral therapy (this is my personal favorite and from the ...

Wisdom teeth and pain relief?

Question asked 8 Jun 2010 2 answers

Support groups: pain

Psychmajor's comment: thank you ALL! (this includes some posts made lower down... ) i found out the gauze was irritating it too much so no dry sockets yet (which is what i was fearing most of all since im a smoker so you know its killin me lol) and im using a nicotine ...

Is there a medication that helps with social anxiety?

Question asked 8 Jun 2010 7 answers

Support groups: social anxiety disorder

Psychmajor's response: might want to talk to a therapist first before you start using meds so fast... just a thought though

Hi everyone I have been diagnosed with aniexty for a while probably around 7 months and I just to?

Question asked 5 Jun 2010 2 answers

Support groups: buspar, pristiq, xanax, anxiety, panic disorder, depression

Psychmajor's answer: distract your mind from your "problem breathing" and see a councilor if you really need help doing this. Most people focus on their breathing to calm down but for you i would say some guided meditation would be very beneficial... also how long has ...

Has anyone noted a different reaction to the Mylan version vrs. the Anchen Pharmacutical version of?

Question asked 24 May 2010 1 answer

Support groups: divalproex sodium, bipolar disorder, mania

Psychmajor's comment: some companies use different "filler" chemicals which you may have a reaction to or could be reducing the effectivness of the drug for a specific individual

Xanix levels?

Question asked 9 May 2010 1 answer

Support groups: xanax

Psychmajor's comment: up to you but i would look at changing to an easier drug that has a longer half life so you wont need to take it so often. This needs to be taken in addition to therapy if you want the full effect and if you want to possibly come off of meds. but ...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - I am 27 years old and suffering from severe social

Question asked 9 May 2010 1 answer

Support groups: inderal, anxiety, propranolol, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd), generalized anxiety disorder, ...

Psychmajor's answer: this is a question you need to ask a doctor and/or pharmacist. the fact that you take your med dosage into your own hands could be a problem... as for the ADHD, depression and anxiety both can show symptoms that make people unable to focus, mimicing ...

What is the difference between 1mg xanax and a 10mg Buspar?

Question asked 8 May 2010 1 answer

Support groups: buspar, xanax

Psychmajor's answer: Buspar inhibits the reuptake of Dopamine and norepinephrine (i recomend looking these up if you want to know more about them) regulating those neurotransmiters (which by the way are basicly part of the same system along with GABA, ACH, and ...

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