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Hi, a little bit about me... I found this site about 5 years ago now, and it has been a constant source of support ever since : ) I suffer from chronic depression, borderline personality disorder,... read more

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Citalopram - para que síntoma es recetada?

Question asked 1 day 15 hours ago 1 answer

Support groups: citalopram

Delila's answer: Hi, i don't quite understand your question? Do you want to know the main reason that Citalopram is prescribed? If so, the answer is Depression. There is a sister medication (Escitalopram) which is used more frequently for anxiety. Let me know if i ...

Citalopram - Ive been taking citalophram for 1 week and keep getting heart palpitations, I feel like

Question asked 2 days 12 hours ago 2 answers

Support groups: depression, citalopram, arrhythmia, panic disorder, heart, chest

Delila's response: Hi, in this case you should see your doctor asap. Citalopram can alter the heart rhythm and affect the heart in other ways, so it is important you get checked out. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, etc can worsen when first starting ...

Does suboxone interact with Tramadol (or Ultram)?

Question asked 20 Jan 2012 4 answers

Support groups: suboxone, ultram, pain, tramadol, medication, opiate dependence

Delila's answer: Hi, i've only just come across this question, combining the 2 medications can be very dangerous, please don't ever do this... read the interactions report below:

Need sleep aid have tried ambian, lunesta and others any thoughts?

Question asked 2 days ago 3 answers

Support groups: lunesta, fibromyalgia, sleep, ambien, sleep aids, insomnia

Delila's comment: I totally agree!

Need sleep aid have tried ambian, lunesta and others any thoughts?

Question asked 2 days ago 3 answers

Support groups: lunesta, fibromyalgia, sleep, ambien, sleep aids, insomnia

Delila's answer: Hi, number one suggestion would be to follow a 'good sleep hygiene' guide. You can search for it and you will be given several recommendations... also, in the past i have used Melatonin with very good results

How long does it take for the withdrawal symptoms to go away from tramadol?

Question asked 19 Aug 2012 11 answers

Support groups: tramadol, withdrawal

Delila's comment: Hi, yes it is 'normal' to feel reduced energy levels and lower moods for a while after discontinuing Tramadol, but this should improve within a week or so... if you find the depressed feeling continue please see your doctor. You don't need to feel ...

When taking Escitalopram do you feel wierd and horrible the first week taking it?

Question asked 3 days ago 2 answers

Support groups: escitalopram, sleep, panic disorder, medicine, anxiety, depression, generalized anxiety disorder

Delila's answer: Hi, unfortunately this is to be expected. When starting any SSRI, there is an induction period of around 4 weeks, where you will suffer with some symptoms while you get used to the medication. You will feel better soon, just know this is normal. I ...

I take clonazepam for anxiety, bupropion for depression & anxiety and trazodone?

Question asked 4 days ago 3 answers

Support groups: depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, bupropion, clonazepam, trazodone, generalized anxiety disorder, sleep, ...

Delila's answer: Hi, the interactions checker has flagged up some warnings, click on the link to check them out... I would advise you to make an appointment with your doctor and bring up any concerns you have...

Lorazepam - Anyone take this for secession from Alcohol abuse? I am going to use it for next 3 days?

Question asked 25 May 2013 2 answers

Support groups: lorazepam, alcohol, abuse

Delila's response: Hi, it isn't unusual to take a benzodiazepine to aid alcohol abstinence, but usually someone would take it for more than 3 days - standard lengths of treatment are 7 - 10 days. Antabuse is a good preventative treatment, as long as you are educated ...

Can strepsels increase an alcohol reading?

Question asked 13 days ago 1 answer

Support groups: alcohol

Delila's comment: That's really interesting, i hadn't considered that Strepsils contain alcohol

Is tramadol perscrided for arthritis?

Question asked 13 days ago 5 answers

Support groups: tramadol, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, syringomyelia

Delila's answer: I would say that Diclofenac is preferable for Arthritis?

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