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What medications can cause night sweats?

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10 Jul 2012

Hi dschaeff - It is hard to say because hyperhidrosis is noted as a condition in the subject line. Do you have that as primary or secondary caused by another condition? There are a lot of medications (too many to list) that have that noted as an adverse side effect. Also, beings I don't know whether you are a man or a woman... sweating and especially the night sweats is common for women going through menopause. That can also go on for years... I also saw your other post where you ask about a certain medication potentially causing night sweats. And, that isn't one of the side effects noted for that medication. It would be helpful when asking a question if you can make it "conversational" because we can only respond once each for whomever sees the post when it is posted as "direct"... just for your information.


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11 Jul 2012

Hi there,

I know when I was on Effexor I had really bad night sweats! Now I'm menopausal so I get it from that!


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