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Lorcet 10/650 - is lorcet the same as perecot what is the difference?

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14 Sep 2011

The only thing that I can add to dzoo is that now, in some states, and some counties in some states... like Florida... even hydrocodone cannot be called in by phone... depends on the state and then depends on the county in that state... confusing... hope this helps...

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12 Sep 2011

Lorcet and percocet are two different drugs. They are both opioid pain killers mixed with acetaminophen which is a non-opioid pain killer. There is where the similarities end. Lorcet is hydrocodone and Percocet is oxycodone. Hydrocodone is a Schedule 3 opioid and Percocet is a Schedule 2. this basically means that Percocet has a higher incidence of dependency and misuse potential. Oxycodone is considered a stronger drug than hydrocodone (although some people disagree with that). Lorcet can be refilled and also called into a pharmacy. Percocet can not be refilled and you must take a hard copy script to the pharmacy each fill. They do not accept phoned in prescriptions on Percocet.

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