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What are the Long term effects of opiates to treat pain?

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27 Oct 2012

Possible liver damage, and dependence on the med. If you're taking one with tylenol in it, you can change the possible to probably, tylenol will harm your liver if you take enough of it.


27 Oct 2012

Hello TRV7462. CNS depression, as well as memory loss. Regards pledge

27 Oct 2012

No,no,no. I looked up this up extensively & unless they have tylonol in them the only & not proven effects of long term opiate use is cognitive effects. No liver damage no kidney damage. I've been on hardcore opiates for 10 years & my liver panel is just fine. Google it & read it.

Rena931945 30 Oct 2012

I have not looked it up but sure have a tendency to believe it. I think taking enough tylenol or ibupropen etc will cause way more damage to your body if we have to taken enough to have even a little control over chronic pain. Where are the studies on tylenol or ibupropen alone to show the damage they will do. This is part of the crazy insane medical statistics we are all suppose to accept.

28 Oct 2012

From my personal experience - cognitive problems and memory loss, liver damage, severe motility and constipation problems (messes up your gut so much that nothing I take - prescription, herbal, etc helps anymore, and losing teeth due to decay from the dry mouth. Regards - ElizaJane

Rena931945 30 Oct 2012

Could the damage have been caused by the additions to the opiates and not the opiates themselves???

ElizaJane23 30 Oct 2012

All medications have inactive ingredients but I've never taken mine with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. In my experience, my various doctors have always been concerned in protecting my liver. I've used milk thistle for many years to help with that, but still have a lot of problems. - EJ


29 Oct 2012

Often times, cognitive memory loss is BECAUSE of pain. There have been studies that with chronic long term pain, you lose white matter in the brain. Not that this can't be reversed, but the pain issue has to end also. Buddy is right, google it.


Rena931945 30 Oct 2012

I will check this out but in the mean time, I saw one study referred to from 1996. Did all of this information come from one study done in 1996 and does this refer to opiates alone or as in combination with tylenol, etc. I guess I will be learning some new medical terminology by the time I finish this information.

Rena931945 30 Oct 2012

I know that my pain definately has a major effect on my ability to process anything mentally or emotionally or physically. It screws up my whole life.

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