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How long does a person with high grade lung cancer with liver metastasis can live?

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14 Jul 2013

Only God has the answer to that. It totally depends on the person.

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kathyhanson 14 Jul 2013

Sorry! Once again I was typing while you were posting. You're too quick for me! Didn't mean to repeat what you said. (smiley face) I'm definitely more verbose than you (called diarrhea of the mouth!)(or fingers?) hehe

14 Jul 2013

My dear sepid,
I'm very sorry that cancer has touched your life or the life of a loved one. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish I could give you an answer to your question, but not even the best doctors can tell you how long a person can live with cancer, any cancer. It is different for each person, and only God knows the answer. The doctor can make the person comfortable with pain meds. I encourage you to talk to the doctor to be sure the patient has been given enough, and the right meds to control the pain. If the doctor were to give you a timeline, it would be a guess. So, I won't even try. Hang in there!

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14 Jul 2013

Have you the ability to call Hospice and find out if their program will help ll of you through this time? In the US we get a referral from a physician. They are the ones who can help answer these questions, provide unlimited pain medication, family counseling and planning. They will keep you aware of the progression of the disease as they are very well versed in cancer and death.

My mother lasted about five months after it was determined she could not be treated. But those five months soon became just living, severe stroke, and a very painful time. We called Hospice too late. Should have done so right away. I am sorry for your loss. However much time is left, use it well.

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endlessPred 14 Jul 2013

She had liver cancer that spread to lungs and metastases in the brain as well. The only thing they could do was to make her comfortable.

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