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How long does it take lithium to take effect?

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17 Dec 2012

Hello dundalk11,

I take lithium, for about 4 years now and it took me a couple of weeks to start feeling a difference. However we all react differently to medications , therefore it may take the same period of time as mine, or perhaps less or a bit more, but you will get there.

Take care,


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17 Dec 2012

Hello dundalk. Having begun on the drug, blood tests are done within the first week untill the lithium blood level is reached. Physical body factors, weight, height etc as well as general health are a major player in the dose of Lithium a person is going to be given. The doses vary beginning from 300 to 900 mg as high as 1300 to 1500 mg is considered acceptable and within limits to taking the drug. It is a drug that has been very successfull in the treatment of Bipolar Disorders, formerly known as Manic Depression. You should begin to feel results within a few weeks after beginning the drug. regards pledge

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