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Lithium vs depakote?

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4 Dec 2009

I took Depakote for many years. It worked very well for me. Then I had a bone scan and found out that I had extremely serious osteoporosis. So serious that I had to take Forteo, a drug you inject into your leg, every day for two years. Christopher Reeve went around speaking about it, and it helped him be able to stand up again. Well, it hardly helped me at all. Osteoporosis is in my family, true, but I've always been active and eaten well, and I, a former librarian, did a lot of research on Depakote and osteoporosis. There is definitely a link. You can easily do the research yourself. This is why I had to stop taking Depakote. Now I am on Risperdol, which is not a mood stabilizer, Klonopin for anxiety and pacing, trazodone for sleeping (an antidepressant) and Effexor to prevent depression. But it isn't really working. Risperdol just isn't the thing for bipolar. So I am switching to Lithium.


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asrsah25 5 Dec 2009

ive taken lithum for almost 3 yrs now and i have gained over 40 lbs i have always drank on it and it has never made me feel any different (manic nothing) it is the best medicine i have ever taking im so much better off, except the major weight gain... not everyone reacts to the meds the same way so let me know how your feeling on it

roxybarb 5 Dec 2009

Thank you for sharing with me! I do intend to drink some, not too much. The weight gain is what I was expecting to hear, but I'm glad to know it's a great drug. I can always work out more and just buy new clothes.

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