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Lithium - I have been diagnosed with severe clinical depression and anxiety. Would this help with?

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12 Sep 2013

Lithium is usually used for Bipolar disorder rather than unipolar disorders. Another name for Bipolar Disorder is manic/depressive disorder. If you do not have the manic highs than lithium would not be appropriate. There are many antidepressants on the market for your doctor to determine which is the best for you.

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deann0615 12 Sep 2013

I was put on lithium for bpd I found that it didn't help I have also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have found that abilify and klonopin have helped me a lot but u need to talk with dr to find the right combo of meds for you. Not sure what symptoms you have so its hard to give much more advice. If give me your symptoms ill try to help more.

WildcatVet 12 Sep 2013

Hi, Kleejo! Laurie's answer nailed it. You're best off working with your doctor for an AD that helps your depression and anxiety. There are some that are prescribed commonly for that. Best wishes, WCV

12 Sep 2013

Hi Kleejo,
I had a psychotic episode and major depression. My docs tried everything for six months while I was hospitalized. Finally Manerix (antidepressant) and Lithium (moods) were given together and it worked like a charm. I no longer suffer from Depressions at all! This was 6 years ago.

The only thing you have to be careful of is your thyroid. You can become hypothyroid from taking Lithium which I did. But I would not trade Lithium for the world. It gave me my life back and more.


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Kleejo 12 Sep 2013

Hey ya'lll, thank you for all the replies! And I needed to add that ai have been on anti depression meds for 25 years.. Prozac, for 15, you name em Ive tried em. And Im also already taking Levothyroxine for once Graves' disease but now Hypo T. I have been suggested that a "mood stabilizer" drug such as Lithium could help now since my depression HAS worsened to severe clinical state? My mother has manac/bi polor illness, but I have had no episodes of any mania, only the very lowest of lows.

Kleejo 12 Sep 2013

SUCH great NEW info for me!!! Thank you SOOO very much!!! I already have hypoT lol so thats not an issue! My mother also SWEARS by her Lithium saying it changed her life... and I don't want it to hurt me... But if it doesn't hurt me to try and see if it makes a difference without too many terrible side affects from the other meds I take, than I am oh so FOR it!! Thmk you so very much for your help!!! God bless and take care!!

13 Sep 2013

Hi. It sounds like you have most of the answers you were looking for, but I thought I'd tell you what I know about being on Lithium. I took Lithium for a few years when I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. It didn't really end up helping my depression- which doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you, different people, different bodies- but it didn't do any harm either. It's actually one of the safer drugs out there. I know a few people who take it- the one time there was a problem it was spotted (in the blood test they tell you to get routinely with Lithium,) before she had any symptoms or any body damage. I hope it works out for you!

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6 Jan 2014

I have major depression and tried every AD out there, with a variety of very unacceptable side effects. It was suggested that I give a low dose of lithium a try. I take 150mg a day, about 1/4 of a bipolar dose. It has been very helpful. While it is not a mood elevator, it does help keep me from going to the deep depression. I consider it very helpful with minimal side effects. Highly encourage others to discuss with their doc.

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