I am going off lexapro and going too viibryd has anyone had success with helping anxiety?

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28 Feb 2012

I do not recommend Viibryd ever. I had terrible anxiety to begin with and this med threw it over the edge.

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28 Feb 2012

Hello Edward10. I would say that the chances of Viibryd helping your anxiety levels are going to be slim. Its not perscribed per say, even off label, for anxiety. Mind you If it helps you, so much the better. See how it goes and if you find your anxiety is running high, you can always change to another drug. trial and error, its half the battle, finding the right drug or combination there of. Best of wishes,pledge

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29 Feb 2012

Finding what is right for you is always the problem. I tried Viibryd and hated it. I was foggy all day and felt unreal. I also didn't think it helped my anxiety at all. But there must be some people out there that it has helped as it is still being prescribed in record amounts. You did not mention why you are going off the lexapro? Is it no longer working?

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Edward10 29 Feb 2012

It was still working but I never felt 100 percent anxiety free and I have been on it for a long time 3 yrs already but I tapered down to get off and I have been off it for 2 weeks and my anxiety came back strong. My doc gave me viibryd but terrible side effects.

Edward10 29 Feb 2012

It made me gain 60 lbs in 3 years too

5 Mar 2012

I just started Viibryd starter pack for my depression/anxiety and am weaning off Zoloft. I've never really experienced anxiety with my depression until recently, and my doctor thought this medicine might be a good fit since she thinks my anxiety is more of a manifestation of my increasing depression symptoms.

After 6 days of the 10mg dosage at night (with the occasional tiny dose of Xanax in the morning), I am feeling MUCH less anxious - but it could be placebo effect. I can get ready for work without my heart racing or feeling overwhelmed. I haven't had a single panic attack since I started the Viibryd. I'm hoping the lessening anxiety continues on with the higher dosages.

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6 Mar 2012

it have me anxiety...

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8 Mar 2012

I was on 40 mg and had to adjust the dose to 20 mg because I was too irritable.I might ask to lower the dose more or just go off it but I'm waiting to see how things go for a few weeks.Good Luck,M

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9 Mar 2012

I take 40 mg. of Vii and 0.1 of Clonidine it helps a little with my anxiety my doctor wants me to give it a try for another month.

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