I started Lexapro today and so far all it did was make me yawn and put me to sleep. I will be curious to see what effects it has on me in coming weeks. This is my first post. I had no reason to ever come onto this forum because I never had to go on any pills other than your regular anti-biotics.
I zipped through the other post about Lexapro and a vast majority of if was poor feedback. After reading it, I feel like throwing these things in the toilet. What I am looking for is people who have taken this for a prolonged period of time and had good results. Also, if you have taken Lexapro and then went on something else similar (for depression, anxiety, or boost of self-confidence) that worked better, let me know as well. I do not want to waste my time of this if the bad outweighs the good. Thanks in advance for any feedback.