Jolivette - How long after taking pill does it become effective?

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13 Nov 2011

The dr will likely say after only one week, but actually after you have taken all the active pills from the first pack on time and correctly, this is when you are truly safe from getting pregnant. Try to take them as close to exactly 24 hours apart. After that first round of active pills, you are safe even during the part where you take the inactives and have your cycle. It is not uncommon to have less of a cycle, for it to start on the last of the inactives, or to skip a cycle completely when on birth control pills. If you have taken all the actives correctly but still skip your period, you probably aren't pregnant, just having a skipped cycle due to the body getting used to the new hormones. it is also possible to have what is known as break thru bleeding, which could be spotting, or even more than spotting, just keep taking the active pills and use a back up method until you are thru with the first pack of active pills.


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wakimmer 6 Jan 2014

This type of BCP does not have inactive pills. It's also different from other pills in effectiveness timing. Ask your doctor... too many mixed opinions online.

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