Isentress - What are some of the side affects?

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13 Jul 2012

Clinical studies have not evaluated Isentress alone for the treatment of HIV because it is only approved for use with other HIV medications. In fact, the information that is available on the potential side effects involves studies that used Isentress plus other HIV medications. Therefore, it is difficult to know whether these side effects are due to Isentress or the other HIV medications. In these studies, the most common side effects of Isentress (plus other HIV medications) included: Diarrhea -- in up to 16.6% of people; Nausea -- up to 9.9%; Headaches -- up to 9.7%; Fever -- up to 4.9%.

Other common side effects (occurring in 1 to 2% of people) included: Abdominal pain (stomach pain); Vomiting; Weakness; Fatigue; Dizziness.


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cheapsilverware 28 Jul 2012

I started to notice some depression when I switched from (Reyataz, Norvir, and Truvada) to just Isentress and Truvada. Definitely more diarrhea and mild fever. Weakness and fatigue. Noticeable slowing of my thought process and motor skills. "small kine" buffalo hump too.

I'm also taking warfarin, and dapsone so these are not proven to be just Isentress side effects.

Rajive Goel 28 Jul 2012

Thanks for the update!

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