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Is tramadol hcl 50mg a narcotic?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Is tramadol a narcotic?

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28 Jun 2011

No it's not but don't let that fool you. It is still a very addictive drug.

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28 Jun 2011

Hi jcarrasco,
There is so much controversy over this medication! Many people consider it a narcotic, and the FDA at this point has classified it as non-narcotic (I believe), yet it is an opioid, a synthetic opiate, and it has SNRI qualities to it.
It is used for short term pain management, such as dental pain, and is very effective for that. If one takes it for an extended period of time, tis addictive (as jenail said) and unpleasant to withdraw off of.
Please be very careful with this medication, and if you've been on it a long time, and want off of it, one must do a very slow taper to get off.
Best wishest to you,

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28 Jun 2011

Sweetlemon is correct. I have been told by a doctor that they reason they like to prescribe it is the fact that the ingredients don't have the narcotic effects until they enter your body, & you body chemistry makes them act as a narcotic. The pill itself is non narcotic, but be careful with it. You can become addicted as many on here will tell you so. Just my thoughts...

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29 Jun 2011

No, but anything is mentally addictive. I never had any luck with it for pain relief though. It could be because I've been on such stronger meds for so long it's really hard for any pain meds to help me anymore. Hope that helps anything else I can help with send me a note

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Anonymous 30 Jun 2011 lists Tramadol as "narcotic like", with warnings about addiction.
Also this med can cause seizures in some people. It can also cause seizures if one has been on it for an extended period of time and goes cold turkey off ot it.
The FDA seems to be in an argument as to the classification of this medication.

17 Aug 2012

YES! Tramadol hydrochloride IS a narcotic! It's like a VERY weak morphine (Opiate) (An old insert even stated "Morphine like") My doctor told me it was a narcotic because i was taking Tramadol hydrochloride for my lower back before i started seeing her and she gave me Hydrocodone and told me not to be mixing them... And the script had her DEA # on it as well!, Taking enough can be "Potent" Especially taking it with Xanax!

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