Is there such a medication as hydrocodone (Vicodin) without the APAP (acetaminophen) buffer?

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21 Dec 2009

Not in the United States,in Canada you can but in the us for some reason they make them add something theres Vicoprofin which I found to be the least damaging on your liver if you need to take alot plus it starts out as 7.5mg hydrocodone. Mabey you can have it shipped here with a valid doctors prescription.

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21 Dec 2009

no there is not . I do not take percocet any longer for that reason. You would think that less is more when it comes to pain meds. You can always add tylenol if you need it. Who needs to destroy their liver and kidneys from taking tylenol or ibuprophen several times a time. Hope this helps answer your question Take care God Bless and have a great holiday

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Groovy 10 Apr 2014

For my pain I would rather take the hydrocodone 5 + APAP 500 period!

17 Apr 2012

You are all wrong. I am prescribed to hydrocodone with no acetaminophen in it OR ibuprofen. Regular pharmacies do not make it like CVS or Wallgreens, you have to get it from a special pharmacy that makes non compound drugs. Yes there are some in the US, you just have to find one. I know of 5 that are located in just Northern Missouri. So next time, get your facts straight and do your research. Thanks!

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Anonymous 17 Apr 2012

Well in my opinion the closest would be oxycodone without the tylenol. I have to pay $50 extra for every compounded prescription I get over the top of the cost of the med itself. It may be way to expensive for some folks. It is for me... Mary

Blondie4life 23 Apr 2012

It may be your opinion, but you're wrong. Didn't you read me... I AM PRESCRIBED HYDROCODONE WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE IN IT EXCEPT HYDROCODONE!!!

28 Feb 2015

I was just curious about the Vicodin 10 ml having no buffer. because i was
told there is no such thing

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