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Is there any medication that can reduce stress and make you relax?

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16 Nov 2011

you may want to ask your dr for an antidepressant and benzo, i take prozac 40 mg daily and xanax for my anxiety/panic and it helps me a great deal. try and see if your dr will prescribe some to you for emergency , hope this helped

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yoges 17 Nov 2011

Do you take this medication everyday and how long are you taking ? I have not seen a dr and I take my own medication when I am not well by buying it from the pharmacy.Can I get this medicine from the pharmacy without seeing a dr?


15 Nov 2011

Hello yoges. There are any number of medications that help to ease anxiety. The relaxing, well thats not always part of medication. Relaxation is just that, you've got to find ways to relax. Paxil, zoloft, prozac, are anti-anxiety medications and are from the ssri family. There are other, more powerfull anti anxiety medications and they come from the benzodiazepine family. Catch is, they are addictive, the longer you take them, the more difficult a time you will have in stopping. I've been on paxil, zoloft. I've been on valuim, xanax (benzos). The benzos by far work faster, better, but again, the dependency. At the moment I take paxil 30mg and it does a fair job in regards to my anxiety. All the various drugs carry some baggage, Example with taking zoloft, libido is a major problem for many. Very best to you,

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yoges 17 Nov 2011

What do you mean by ssri family?

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