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Is there an antedote for ketamine ?

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7 Jan 2010

im pretty sure there isnt one

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7 Jan 2010

Yes. There's a drug called Yohimbine. It's basically an antagonist for ketamine. They often use this drug in veterinary clinics since most Ketamine is found a Veterinary clinics. Hope this helps!

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Psychmajor 7 Jan 2010

awesome i learned something new!

mitjason 7 Jan 2010

haha no worries. I only know this because I use to be a Vet Technician :).

tony69 11 Dec 2011

In Australia we use ketamine regulary. The trouble with all drugs these days is the are trendy new drugs becoming avalible all the time. My last 3 operations were with ketamine as we call it the bush annasetic as it does not repress the breathing and for shorter opperations you dont need a tube down your throat or fancey eqipment hence bush annastic. I have had it used as a infusion mainlly mixed with morphine or fancy fentinal and it is exelent. Withdrawal is just horrible and it must be mixed and watered down as i is very strong.
If you are going in for major surgury ask your annethithitis as they like to use it but dont allot. It produces amazing dreams
The junkies even use it and it is called specal K on the street. Only one would be crazy to use such a strong drug
excuse my spelling

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