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Is there a natural supplement, that can replace synthroid. and what happens if med. not taken?

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11 Oct 2010

CAUTION!!! Syntroid is an essential med for you since your Dr. prescribed it and there is no herbal supplement that can take it's place. It's vital that you take it EXACTLY as prescribed and if you have probelms (eg. fatique, problems with urination, bring this to the attention of your Dr. I'm sure he has a plan for monitoring you as it is.
Trying to use a homeopathic replacement for a thyroid med could be extremly dangerous for you. It could affect not only your metabolsm, but your adrenal glands as well and that could result in kidney problems.
I really hope you stick with your Doc on this one. Good Luck. ( :

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11 Oct 2010

Great answer, The thyroid helps regulate all the systems of the body. People who are RX'ed any thyroid medication should take it as it is directed and keep their blood work up. The thyroid can make someone have all sort of negative symptoms if it is not working properly. Natural supplements should always be cleared with the doctor or a pharmacist when someone takes prescription medication, especially if they are treating a systemic problem as serious as hypo or hyperthryroidism/

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