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Is there a difference between Zoloft and its generic? I have just started on Sertraline 25 mg?

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20 Aug 2011

There could be a difference big enough that would affect you. I've heard that Generics just have to be within 20 percent of the amount of the active ingredient. I don't know about you, but taking up to one-fifth less on the dosage can be enough to feel differently. That's not to say that each generic is 20% less - just that in can be UP to that amount. Also every medication has fillers, preservatives, binders, caulking agents, dyes, etc in the inactive ingredients - even in the brand name. Based upon your body and how it functions, allergies you might have, etc the medication could absorb differently. If you detect a huge difference you may need to ask your doctor to specify brand Name Necessary on your prescriptions. Best wishes -

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20 Aug 2011

Marybeth - I was on both in past years on two seperate occasions, and saw no difference. Both were able to accomplish what I was prescribed them for. Hope this helps.

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booter46 20 Aug 2011

I too have seen no difference. But generics are different and could effect you different than me. I am sorry I do not have a better answer.

20 Aug 2011

Hello marybeth23! I have been on both. I have also been on Sertraline for years now. I was previously on Zoloft. I have never noticed any difference. I know Sertraline is cheaper. I really do not think there is much difference but you can try Sertraline and see if it works for you. I wish you the best! Sweetie Pie

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20 Aug 2011

No difference at all. Sertraline HCL is Zoloft, Zoloft is just the trade name, which is what you end up paying big bucks for. ;)

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