Is the ropinirole addictive?

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11 Nov 2011

Ropinirole is not addicting. This medication may help the issue of energy as it has shown some effects in people with fibromyalgia. This condition often comes with Chronic fatigue syndrome. However, a side effect of this medication is depression, so it may actually make you more tired.

However, please do also talk to the doc/pharmacist who prescribed the med.

Take care, best wishes!

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linnie73 16 Jun 2013

I have been taking ropinirole for the last 5 years, it is addictive, the longer you take the worse it gets. I am taking it for RLS , some of the side effects or falling a sleep at any time, which it dangerous to drive, mental confusion ,at times feels like you are taking a fever.
I am in a difficult situation, can't do without it , and can't do with it.
If any body knows a solution I would appreciate any information.

Thank You Leonard Dean

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