Is the generic form of Wellbutrin XL the same as the brand name?

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25 Aug 2009

from what i heard from my psychiatrist, is that all generics are only 80% of the medicine itself, therefore the other 20% is nothing, so i ALWAYS try get the name brand. when possible. even pharmacies dont tell my question is, why ? im soooo tired of hearing the same thing when i ask if theres a difference and they always respond with "no, theyre the same"... but please confirm with other health care professionals.

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Anonymous 27 Aug 2009


2Hawaii 17 Sep 2010

I've been on Wellbutrin XL for a number of years. I've tried the generic and for me there is a difference. This last year I asked the pharmacist at a local chain store pharmacy if any of his other customers who take Wellbutrin XL had tried the generic form and if they had, what did they think of how it worked. He told me many of his customers who had tried the generic Wellbutrin did not like it and felt it did not work.

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