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Is nuvigil a narcotic?

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29 Apr 2011

Hey deanne,

A narcotic is an addictive drug, such as opium, that reduces pain, alters mood and behavior, and usually induces sleep or stupor. Therefore, Nuvigil although a controlled substance is not a narcotic. Other examples of narcotics include cocaine and alcohol while amphetamines are not considered narcotic.

Hope this helped explain,


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29 Apr 2011

Narcotic is such a strange word that is totally avoided by doctors. When doctors use the word "Narcotic" it means an Opiate / Opioid, and other drugs that induce sleep such as Barbiturates and Benzos. However, the DEA classifies many other drugs under the word Narcotic such as Speed and Coke, LSD, and if I'm not mistaken even Pot! Ultimately the DEA considers a Narcotic to be any drug that is used for non-medical purposes. So the word basically has been destroyed and has very little meaning anymore other than "bad". Who knows what the DEA would consider Nuvigil to be, after all it is a schedule four drug.

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nopharma4me 28 Aug 2013

Who CARES what the "fda" says!!! I sure don't and don't use ANY pharma,,, only organic herbs. Pill are NOT medicine. Let your FOOD be your medicine

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