Is lyrica and neurontin the same thing?

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22 Jun 2010

I think they are both anti-siezure meds, often prescribed for nerve-pain. I was on Lyrica for about 8 days and had swelling of feet ankles and legs, so I discontinued it.
They are not the same drug, they are just used for similar symptoms. Hope this gives you a tiny bit of info, wish I could be of more help. Perhaps you should call your pharmacist. Best wishes to you. sweetlemon

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22 Jun 2010

Sweetlemon is correct. You can also go to the top of this page and click on the "Drugs A to Z" You can look up both medications and do the comparison. If you're having trouble, let me know and I'll copy the info for you.

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Anonymous 22 Jun 2010

christine knows meds!!! Why don't you become a pharmacist or just get your doctorate???

christineATU 22 Jun 2010

sweetlemon, I can hardly friggin' move let alone get to a school! Besides, I know more about dogs. I used to breed, raise, train, Jack Russell Terrorists. But with my condition, I'm now down to 4 dogs. 6 on the weekends when my daughter has me "baby sit" I gave her 2 of my pups. I live on a small farm (after moving out of the city) and they love to run off the energy. I love when they get the FRAPS (frenetic rapid activity period) My personal dogs actually work for me. So my life right now consists of working my dogs, research, emailing dear family and friends, and photography. I can't even drive yet... bummer.

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