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Is it true that Fenugreek is a testosterone booster?

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8 Aug 2009

I couldn't find any information at or or

A quick internet search did confirm that "recently, fenugreek has found its way into bodybuilding supplements as as testosterone enhancer. There is no proof at all that this is true... "

19 Apr 2010

It is true that Fenugreek is being USED and sold as a testosterone booster... and it might well boost it. BUT, it would also appear that fenugreek is also strongly estrogenic. Fenugreek probably boosts all hormonal levels, and I would not advise men to use it... too much risk of gynomastica. Consider this: fenugreek has been long promoted as boosting mothers' milk, and as a natural breast enhancer. I'd avoid it.

13 Jul 2011

Fenugreek is most often used for nursing mothers who are having milk supply issues. So it's going to boost more than testosterone if it does anything.

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