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Is it safe to take vitamins with all meds?

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11 Apr 2010

It depends on what vitamins you are taking with which medicines. Please give more details if possible. I'll try to be more specific.

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kellyandtodd 12 Apr 2010

the vitamin i take is just a womens everyday one and i take prozac and suboxone.
thanks mavell

11 Apr 2010

hi kellyandtodd,im not a doctor but i play one on tv. jus kiddin. as long as its a multi vitamin i think you should be ok. but when it comes to them single compound like zinc,potassium,iron and c you know how some people get all vitamin crazy,you hear" i just took 10,000 units of b complex and 6,000 units d . that'swhat i mean by crazy,we all know someone like that. and they die half way through a head cold... just messin some more... pete

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kellyandtodd 12 Apr 2010

thanks pete and that was funny! i just take a womens vitamin.

subzero58 13 Apr 2010

hi kel n tod, i really belive that laughter is great medication,i feel so much better after a good laugh. when i can laugh with others or at myself... pete

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