Is it safe to take an 8mg Suboxone 4 hours after taking an Oxycontin 40?

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2 Oct 2010

hi,you gotta give me a little more background info.were you taking sub everyday or do you take oxy everyday? cause it makes a big difference.tell us what you do,or i Cant give you an accurate answer.

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Anonymous 2 Oct 2010

Hi Subzero, don't you think this person would get sick from that "precipitaed withdrawal", stuff. When I was induced I had taken 45mg about 1 hr before the 8mg sub and didn't get sick.
I didn't think the dr was going to start me that day since I told him I took 45mg morphine that morning.
Actually I was on subutex maybe that's why I didn't get sick.I think subs are complicated. That's why I always refer people to the help line, which is closed for the weekend or the naabt website.
Anyway you are on it, they are in good hands. Sable

subzero58 2 Oct 2010

if when you starte suboxone you have a methadone habbit you gotta get it down to a dose less then 30mg(methadone) and stop it for 2 days.then it is started a half a sub and wait for an hour if you dont feel withdraw but you dont feel the half of sub then your doc can give you the other half of the sub.the naloxone is the stuff thatstrips the methdone off your mu receptors.if it strips the too much and too fast you get in withdrew.if no withdraw then your brain makes the change over withdraw free. thats why most doctors use subutex for the first day or two

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