Is it normal to experience abdominal distension and abdominal pain from gastroparesis?

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19 Jan 2012

Absolutely without a doubt, unequivocally YES!!! If the food is not passing through your stomach at normal speed, and it is digesting while not moving through the normal channels at the right speed, it will start digesting there in your stomach, which causes the food to fill with gas, extend your stomach, and can cause extreme abdominal pain.

There is someone in the group (sorry I can't remember her name), but if you look up the members of the group gastroparesis, she is the one who actually is the first person ever to get a gastric pacemaker. She has a lot more information that I can give you, but please try and find her by reading bios.

Good luck!

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Tee6759 19 Jan 2012

Thanks, msfino, Mary got in touch with me to let me know of Lisa's question. I've been away for awhile dealing with some health issues.
In peace,

Tee6759 19 Jan 2012

Hello, Lisa. My name is Tee and I was diagnosed with gastroparesis last June, 2011. When mine started, I actually thought I was having a major heart attack. Turned out the only organ involved was my stomach. The doctor told me mine was paralyzed, and would never function again. The food sits there and never breaks down, which is what you are feeling now. It is a very unpleasant, uncomfortable situation, I know. In the U.S. and Canada, only 4% of the population suffers from this condition unless they are diabetic. The numbers are much higher then. My condition became so serious that I became a candidate for the gastro pacemaker. This was created about 3 years ago, and my surgeon is 1 of only 2 in my state who perform it. It is NOT a cure-all, it is meant to help improve your life. I still live with pain and bloating,nausea, and watching what I eat. I spent Wed night in the ER. It happens, but less frequently than before. I have friended you so if you ever have any questions,feel free to ask. I'll be glad to help if I can.
In peace,

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