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Elavil - Is it difficult to discontinue use?

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17 Sep 2011

Hello nanonymous. I think that you will feel some withdrawals. You certainly, or possibly will not be getting the sleep you once had. And you won't feel as sedated as you once might have been feeling. Not knowing your dose, just take it slow, a bit at a time and you should be fine. Well, the best to you.

sheila7281 18 Sep 2011

You can cut the Elavil down slowly. The pills can be taken by 5MG or 10MG. tablets. If you go slowly you shouldn't feel to bad. But if you are taking the medication for sleep or pain you might find yourself with increase pain or lack of sleep. All depends what else your taking. Sometimes coming off of something can make you aware how much it was helping. Sometimes it can help you realize you can take less with the same results and less side effects. Good luck.

Anonymous 18 Sep 2011

Thanks sheila. Well said. Have a goodday.

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