Is hepatitis c curable?

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17 May 2010

Unfortunately no. Hepatitis C is incurable as of right now. Hep A+B do have a cure rate but Hep C does not, sorry. Hope they do find one as I have a friend with it and she is going downhill. Good luck to you and I will be thinking of you.

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18 May 2010

Majorie is wrong. Doctors, researches and scientist are using the word "CURE" now. As long as you sustain a SVR (sustained Viral Response) 6 months after your last day of treatment you are considered cured. I think it is 6 months. It may be a year but I'm sure it is 6 months. I have many friends who have no sign of hep c after 3 to about 8 years and 3 friends going on over 15 years.

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22 Jun 2010

What you do have to have is a more sensitive test once you have 'cleared' the virus so anti-bodies can be detected and not mistaken for a re-infection the last thing you want is a false positive. Some people have been known to clear the virus without even going through any treatment, it one of those wonder of the human body. I did the combination therapy about five years ago and am still virus free. Good luck!

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rvnew 13 Dec 2011

I'm about to do the combination therapy. What was the treatment like for you? What side effects? How did you feel while on the treatment?

22 Apr 2012

I don't know if cure is the word but I had it and I was on a treatment. A pill called( Rebasphere)200mg and a injecting of (Pegasys) 0.5ml . the pills I took one in the morning and one at night. The shot was once a week. For 12 months and after the treatment I went to my doctor and he told me there was no sight. Of the hepatitis c in my liver and till this day still clear this was in 20011 . So I hope your friend finds this a little better out come for her.

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