Is a 10mg methadone pill as good as a 10mg percocet?

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4 May 2011

Hey dana,

This is a little difficult to compare. It is like comparing apples to oranges, they are both fruits but different. The methadone and percocet are both opiates but different in that one is short acting and one is long acting. The methadone has to be titrated to an effective dose for pain management as well. The following site has a nice chart for comparing opiates:​comparison_chart

You will see as far as comparison of milligrams the 10 mg methadone is comparable to the 10 mg percocet excluding the other differences.

Hope this helps,


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dana0529 4 May 2011

Hi Laurie yes ur answer did help very much. Thank u for taking the time to help like to add u as a friend so I can come to u for future questions thanks again, dana

LaurieShay 4 May 2011

Yep, I will add you as a friend and you are more than welcome to add me. Take care,

4 May 2011

I've been on both meds and the methadone has worked the best for me. but it works different for everyone.

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5 May 2011

They actually work quite well together. The methadone to maintain pain relief, and the percocet as needed for breakthrough pain.

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