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Is 1500 mg of seroquel a night to much or even deadly?

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19 Mar 2010

The usual dose range of seroquel is between 150mg to 800mg daily depending on the condition being treated and patient response.

There is no data available on the lethal dose of seroquel.
1500mg is way above the recommended dosage guidelines.


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19 Mar 2010

I take seroquel also, I am prescribed 100 mg. About 5 years ago, I was prescribed 400 mg.(it was not the doctor I see now) When I was taking the 400 mg, if I didn't go to bed before the seroquel started to hit me, I could barely make it up the stairs to bed. I can't answer your question in regards to the 1500 mg being deadly, but it wouldn't surprise me. I can't believe, taking that high of a dose, you can even wake in the morning. I'm curious what mg your doctor originally started you at, and if you feel better and if YOU feel that this high dose is what you need in regards to your diagnosis. debbi

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