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Hi - Is there any interaction between coumadin and africal mango caplets...thank you, Mike?

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3 Feb 2013

Hi Mike,
According to the USDA, there are about 14.1 mcg of vitamin K in the edible portion of a whole mango. I love mangoes and eat one occasionally. When fruits are used to make juices and supplements, the amounts of nutrients are usually condensed, and stronger than the original fruit. I rather doubt that the amount of K would be a problem. If the container doesn't say how much K is in each caplet, just ask your doc if you should use it.
I have a question in reply to you. What is your purpose in taking these caplets? Mangoes are very high in sugar. They have a bit of fiber, and are high in vitamin A. If you're going to include mangoes in your diet, I'd recommend eating them whole, over the sink.

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Wonderbread 71 3 Feb 2013

Hi There - Thank you... very informative. I am and have been on Coumadin... no problems. However, I did radiation and meds for prostate cancer, and, accordingly gained weight which I can't seem to lose. So, I was reading up on "African Mango" in Herbal Slip caps. Best, Mike

2 Feb 2013

Is there any vit K in the mango caps? If so, it could effect the action of coumadin.

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