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If I stop using Vesicare will my urinary condition stabilize or worsen?

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9 Jul 2011

Studies have shown VESIcare to be effective in relieving many of the symptoms of an overactive bladder. In clinical studies, people who took the drug significantly reduced the frequency of wetting accidents and needed to urinate less frequently. Also, people who took it were able to pass more urine each time they used the bathroom (the frequent muscle contractions of an overactive bladder usually prevent the bladder from holding a normal amount of urine).

However do double check it with a doc/pharmacist, please take care, be well.

caringsonbj 9 Jul 2011

I have read the post but along those same lines any person taking meds for a bladder that does not empty should take those medications unless they are told different by the prescribing physician, If for a reason a drug is stopped before restarting the drug (such as flomax, avodart) consult the doctor so if a dose adjustment needs to be made they are aware. I thank you for allowing me to stray from the subject but I am aware of a person who had problems and thought it would be good information (thanx Rajive for allowing me to interrupt)

Rajive Goel 9 Jul 2011

Welcome Billy, you well?

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