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If I can't afford my medications, what are my options?

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11 Jun 2010

Well, this is my 2nd question i'm trying to help with. Dependng on the medication you have to take, there are several avenues. 1st, always get generic meds, 2nd, see if your Dr. can give you samples that the reps leave them. 3rd, sometimes the larger stores offer certain meds for only $5.00 for the entire prescription( it depends on the meds) and last, contact the drug company yourself and see if they can help you. i see commercials about asking the drug companies for help if you need it. I Hope this helps you. GrannyDonna

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13 Jun 2010

If you let me know what meds you take, I will send you information for contacting the manufacturer to see if they have aprescription assistance program.

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14 Jul 2010

Here is a website where you can go to print unlimited free prescription discount cards. People save up to 75% on their drugs. The card can also get you discounts on some medical tests. Hope this helps!

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