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I took Advil at 5 pm and is 3 am can I take excedrin pm ?

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23 Jan 2012

Yes, you can but you are probably asleep by now, at least I hope you are!!

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23 Jan 2012

without a doubt. I wouldn't make a habit of it, but I take anything and everything I can get my hands on when I have a migraine. Too many NSAIDS can make you have bleeding stomach ulcers and I have a friend that ended up in the hospital because of it, but he was taking quite a bit of ibuprofen every day. If you overlap them occasionally, I don't think you would have any problems.

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24 Jan 2012

Hi Kittylove,
That's a great name!! I agree with my other 2 friends that posted above. The only thing I might add is give yourself time enough for several hours of sleep after taking it. I take MidNite which is Melatonin. You can take that at any time of the night and not have to worry about it causing drowsiness if you take it too late. The one I take is chewable and works very fast. Just a suggestion. Take care and best wishes.
Your friend -Terri-

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