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I took 1 percocet will that show up in a drug test for a job?

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6 Sep 2010

For a job drug test they usually do check for opiates dont worry though okay one perco is not going to show up i promise i have to many people i know that can take an opiate the same day of the test and it still didnt show up. Please keep me posted and let me know how it goes michelle.

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6 Sep 2010

Most employers dont pay for the test that will check for them although that may be changing now that they are getting a lot more popular to abuse. It costs more money than the normal test. How long between taking it and doing the test will it be? Also like was mentioned above, one pill is unlikely to show up but its still possible. Just drink a lot of water to dilute it even more. And let us know how it goes so we can have more info for people that ask this in the future

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christineATU 6 Sep 2010

could you make your DC name any more difficult to type out? JK... how about 'ocean?' Anyway, on the Ameritox Lab Report, it just says 'opiates.' If it tests positive, the Lab then gives a list of possible meds that would cause the positive. Including vicodin, percocet,percodan,etc. Then after the positive result, they'll test for the actual level of the opiate in your system. I believe that's why in a UA test it's called a 'split sample.' One to see if it's positive the other to test HOW positive. At least that's what I was told.

7 Sep 2010

Obviously, if it is a drug that is prescribed to you for pain, just bring the prescription along with to show that you're not abusing drugs, but have an actual need for the medication. I assume that this is the case cause this site is about helping out others with their legit medical problems, and not questions regarding abuse of drugs. I'd also have your doctors number and contact info to be on the safe side. Hope that this helps!
Jeff K

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christineATU 7 Sep 2010

Hi there jeff. Usually people with ligit scripts don't worry about drug screens. Unless of course they have something to hide from their employer/prospective employer. Surprising how many people are willing to put their jobs on the line for a buzz. NOT accusing the questiioner of this but why put yourself through the stress of waiting for results to come back?

jk13 7 Sep 2010

Exactly my point. This site is not for the discussions as to how to get drugs, how to get high, how to pass drug tests, but a network of support for people with legitimate medical problems. Addiction is a medical condition, and is totally different. It is an acknowledgment of a problem. Discussions regarding problems with borderline personality disorder is totally fine, the problems of abusing drugs and reckless behavior due to the disease. This site is not intended to support illegal abuse of prescriptions. These questions should be directed to - not here.

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