I recently got off lexapro and can't stop crying. What can I do?

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3 May 2010

it seems you need to be put back on lexapro or a similar depression med. Your lexapro was keeping you emotions and that under control. Now that your off meds your mind will have you go back to where you were depression wise. I suggest you get back on something asap

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caroldqbill1 3 May 2010

Well It took me almost a year to get off of them and I really don't want to go back on them, plus I don't have med. ins. and I can't afford them.


3 May 2010

I was taken off Lexapro and had similiar problems. My physician put me on Pristiq. What a change it has made for me. You should talk to your physician and let him know the problem you are having since going off the lexapro and see what his recommendations are. Either way, your physician needs to know what has happened since you stopped taking the Lexapro.

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12 May 2010

I have a friend that was on lexapro and the same thing happened to her.She was tooken off of that and now takes MOOD STABALIZERS and she is back to her old self..alot of people are hyper sensitive to the side effects of meds.Maybe talk with your doc about a mood stabalizer..good luck

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