I need to identify a blue oblong pill with AZ 267 imprinted on it?

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5 Dec 2011

I am not absolutely certain, it is listed as being a generic or store brand of Tylenol PM, containing Acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine.

Please also do check it with a pharmacist, take care.

best Wishes!

19 Feb 2013

Pill imprint AZ 267 has been identified as Acetaminophen 500 mg and Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg. It is a generic version of Tylenol PM Extra Strength available over-the-counter to relieve pain, fever and to help promote sleep.

Description: blue, capsule shaped tablet. Size: 18mm

You will find more info at http://www.drugs.com/otc/118109/non-aspirin-pm-extra-strength.html

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