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I switched from 80mgs of methadone to suboxone, why isnt the suboxone working and why am i so sick?

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18 Apr 2010

I don't know if you bought that off the street, but, you shouldn't have gone on suboxone on such a high dose of methadone. You are supposed to be in moderate withdrawal from no more than 30 milligrams of methadone before you switch to suboxone> Suboxone is a long acting opiate replacement like methadone but the receptor sites in the brain have to be empty of methadone or any other opiate before the suboxone can get on the sites and work. Sounds like you are in precipitated withdrawal. I am really not sure what to tell you but you are not supposed to jump off methadone onto suboxone with that high a dose and if you took it too early, that is another thing that could cause you to be sick.

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BMAC1444 18 Apr 2010

The Dr. that put me on the suboxen,told me to not take anything for 5days then he gave me the suboxen,im still severly sick today,should i keep taking the suboxen?

18 Apr 2010

yo bmac,who told you to switch from 80mg suboxone?you were on way too high of a dose to do that.did you wait till you were in withdraw to start sub? you needed to be down to 25-30 mgs at the most.what dr put you on sub like that? click on add as friend to subzero58. you realy jump the gun on this.if u wana talk im here... subzero58... pete

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BMAC1444 18 Apr 2010

The Dr. had me stay sober for 5 days,then he gave me the suboxen,obviously that wasnt long enough,Should I keep taking the suboxen or go back to methadone?

BMAC1444 18 Apr 2010

I see Dr. Board in Sturgeon Bay. Was he supossed to give me a different form of suboxone that didn't have the nar-con in it?

18 Apr 2010

The first 2 answers are correct. The only thing I can add is good luck on getting your pain under control.

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7 Dec 2010

I was taking methadone and oxycontin, alot! I was taking 260mg of oxycont 3 times a day and waited only about 18hrs to take a dose of suboxone that i had leftover, om fucken god! within a half hour i was sweating and shaking bad, and within and hour i was throwing up, in full leg shake, i mean the works, I swear If it was not for my kids I would have killed myself no doubt, it was that bad, I thought about death , I begged god and the devil to please take the pain away in exchange for my soul but to no avail. all night I was shaking, I was awefull. It is now 26 hrs later, I still have the chills, the leg shakes are almost gone stomach cramps are somewhat there. I took some morphine i had gotten last night to try and help when i took a large amount it did nothing. I did a small amount a while ago and am not sure if it made a difference or not, i have some methadone on the way and im gona take 80mgs to try and pull me out of the rest of this, see what happens, let you know!

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